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Come and join the community of passionate photographers. Build your extensive portfolio and share it with your friends and colleagues. Gain national & international exposure and make passive income by selling your images.

Why Neptos?

Unlimited Storage and Photo Upload

You saw it right, we are offering unlimited storage and fast photo upload. This means you can upload your photos as long as you run out of power or fell asleep. You can easily upload 500 photos at a time, that's huge right?

Sell or Not for Sell Feature

Not all the photos that you upload is for sale purpose right? Now, you have the power to chose which image to sell and which image not to sell via the "Sell or Not for Sell" feature.


Once you upload your photos on our platform, you can access it from anywhere and at anytime. The cool thing about this feature is you won't have to worry about quality. You can simply download the original photos, just the way you uploaded them in Neptos.

Extensive Portfolio

Create an astonishing portfolio in a minute. Showcase your best work, integrate all your social channels, your area of specialization, honors & achievements, all from a single place.

Share your Photo Album

Whether you are delivering photos to the client or to your friends, with Neptos you can simply create Album and share it with a single link.

Your own personalized Blog

If you love to write, then Neptos is offering your own personalized blog. You can write about travel stories, the stories behind the particular pictures or you can write simply anything.

Become a Part of Nepal’s Online Community of Photographers

Find Inspiration in small things

There's no boundary and any harsh rule of "What to click" on stock photography, you can click whatever you see in the first place. It could be the photographs of pen and paper or it could be the picture, that takes a thousand clicks, perfect timing and a lot of patience. Know more about what to shoot?

Make Regular income through stock photography

Keep yourself ahead of everyone and make regular income through Neptos. Remember to shoot what Nepalese company is looking, follow the trend and let your shot speak for others. Know more what sells on Nepalese Market

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