What is Neptos?

In general words, Neptos is the online platform that allows you to expose your work nationally and internationally. It is the stage, where Nepalese photographers can showcase their skills, talent, and creativity. Meanwhile, it’s an online market, where you can buy Digital images all related to Nepal.

Why should I sell my images on Neptos?

There are tons of reasons why Neptos is the perfect platform for Nepalese photographers. Among many, here are some reasons to go for Neptos:

  • National and International Exposure
  • Extensive Portfolio
  • You can sell photos nationally and internationally
  • You can sell almost anything
  • Neptos can be a good source of alternate income.
  • Neptos has very easy payment system
  • Above all, we only take 10% of commission from every sale.

Who will buy the stock images?

We aim to sell Nepalese photographers imagery to thousands of clients all over Nepal and all around the world which includes designers, marketers, publishers and small to big business houses. Besides, your image could be sold to someone who wants to frame your pictures into their houses or office wall, to an educational publisher wanting an image for a text book, or a media houses who want to include your photography into their Medias, calendar or daily newspaper. Likewise, your image could be sold to corporate houses working on a specific and global ad campaign.

What type of stock images do we sell?

Currently, we intend to sell Royalty free stock photos only. However, with times we will expand our work to vectors, illustrators and stock videos as well. We have already figured out the broad categories of images. Some of them are Animals, Architecture & Buildings, Backgrounds, Business, Concepts & Ideas, Education, Entertainment, Food & Drink, Health & Beauty, Holidays & Celebrations, Illustrations, Industry, Nature, Objects, People & Lifestyle, Science & Medicine, Sports, Technology, Travel, Vectors, and Vintage.

Though, we have classified the categories, we request you to upload images that best describes Nepal in every possible way. Whether it’s of daily life pictures or the images that went viral and needs strong attention. We are pretty much open to any kind of images. However, it should meet the general criteria and should be qualitative in nature.

Signing up/ Registration

Do I Have to Register to use Neptos.com?

If you are just a web visitors then No. If you are contributor or a client then you must register with Neptos.

Is there a charge for registering as an artist or customer at Neptos?

Whether you are a creative artist or a potential buyer, the registration is completely free. You don’t need to spend single penny while registering with us.

Who owns the copyright of stock images on Neptos?

The answer is contributor or photographer himself holds all the copyright. It always belongs to the photographer while we just license the images for you.

If I sell the stock images via Neptos, how much will I receive?

You are liable to pay applicable government tax. After that, we will take the commission of 10%, while the rest amount is yours.

Can I sell my images to other places too?

We’re non-exclusive, which means there are no restrictions and you can make money by uploading your images to other stock photo sites as well.

I have forgotten my username and/or password, what should I do?

In that case, simply click on forget password button and fill up the form. We will send you the password reset link, from there you can set the new password

Uploading the Images

What type of file do I need to upload?

Though we also accept TIFF format, but we highly recommend to upload image in JPEG format

What is the criteria of the photo to be uploaded?

It would be better if you upload the file of higher resolution. It shouldn’t be less than 4 MP.

How many images can I upload at one time?

There’s no any such restriction about the image submission. If you meet the image criteria, you can upload as many images as you want. We encourage you to upload lots of images and as often as you can.

How to upload images on Neptos?

At first, you have to register with us. For registration click here.
After the successful registration, you can go to your dashboard and upload images from upload section. Once, you finish uploading the images, it will show you “pending” status. Which means, we are evaluating your pictures and will be live on the site after the successful approval of the image. Normally, we will take up to 24 hours to process your image.

I have uploaded and submitted the wrong images by mistake, how do I delete them?

You can delete such pictures from your own dashboard. Just click on the image and delete it.

Can we upload Date Imprints and watermarks images?

No, you can’t upload such picture. Once your image is approved by us, we will put the watermark and protect your image from any copyright issues.

Can I upload retouched and manipulated images?

If it does not pollute the image and is the necessity of the image theme, you can manipulate or retouched the images.


How do I know, if I have made a sale?

You can check the selling status by going to history section. Besides, we will make report of sales and send it to you.

Who bought my image and where they are using?

We can’t disclose all the information as we have separate confidential agreement with our client. However, you can see some information via history page.

I have seen my photo being used and it hasn’t been reported as a sale?

If you encounter any such thing and it hasn’t appeared in the sales history within 3 months, please contact us with the details of the image. We will look at it and come back to you.

How will I receive the payment?

You can make the redeem request from your dashboard and we will transfer the amount via khalti, esewa or with the help of banks. If these all mediums fail, you may have to visit our office to receive your payment.

Do I need to pay tax?

Yes, once the sale is made, you will required to pay the applicable taxes.

How can I update my payment details?

You can always change your payment details from your account setting.